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HP Terminal Emulator

BE2600 emulates all HP2600, HP2390 and HP700 series terminals from Hewlett Packard. It is compatible to all HP host computers and operating systems.
   Windows® Systems
   Serial Port


Bering Disk Explorer

BDC provides access to Hewlett Packard and Bering formated media on a Windows PC. The drive can be native PC, SCSI, USB, or HPIB. Key functions provided are
  • Image Backup to PC
  • Image Restore from PC
  • Image Copy
  • Media format
  • Media clear/erase
In addition, BDC can read files and convert text files to Windows format from the following file systems:
  • HP1000: FMP and CI file systems
  • HP300: LIF and HFS file systems
  • HP9800: BASIC file system
   Windows® Systems
   Optional SCSI Port for SCSI drives
   Optional HPIB Port for HPIB drives

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