Custom-fit Storage Solutions


Bering also takes on special requests and projects. Our team and network of engineers and technicians can work with you to custom-fit a storage solution for vintage HP, DEC, IBM, SUN, Harris, and whatever other computer system you can name. We have the resources and "know-how" to build a storage solution to keep your vintage system plugging away at whatever its task may be.

The following are some of Bering's storage contract engineering services:

  • Storage utilities
  • Storage controllers, adapters and interfaces
  • Storage conversions, enclosures and hardware
  • Removable media duplicators (i.e. Magneto-Optical, Jaz, etc.)
  • Go ahead, challenge us…
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We pay attention to what our customers want. Believe it or not, sometimes they have better ideas than we do and (please, keep your wise-cracks to yourself). So, go ahead, write your storage situation in the query box below and submit it to Bering. We'll respond with a "thumbs-up" or a "big raspberry" within forty-eight hours. (And don't forget to provide a contact name and telephone or email address for yourself.)

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