1.3GB GIGAMO Magneto-Optical (MO) Solutions for Vintage HP computers with HP-IB or MAC Interfaces


OptiPac-3 with Optional HP9144 Tape Backup Emulation


Key Facts:

Interface(s) HP-IB
MAC (HP13037A-D Multi-Access Controller)
O/S Support HP-UX
HP Disk Equivalent(s) HP7906, 7907A/S, 7908/11/12/14, 7942A, 7946A
HP Tape Equivalent(s) HP9144, HP9145 and Built-in Cartridge Tape Drive(Emulation)
Extras 128MB, 230MB, 540MB, 640MB MO Read/Write Compatibility
LCD Controls and Disk Utilities

Keep data safe and accessible with Bering’s OptiPac-3 MO disk drives. Magneto-Optical Technology is rewritable, it’s convenient, it’s durable and highly reliable, and it’s high capacity. MO has proven to be the best removable storage technology for archiving data. The compact 3.5" MO media cartridges can store up to 1.3GB of data and the low media price make it the best $/MB value for keeping data safe. MO is resistant to environmental conditions and electromagnetic interference. There is no danger of lost data from head crashes because nothing touches the actual disks. Store, protect, secure, transport, backup, and/or exchange graphic files, large databases, and other important information.

New Optional FeatureThe OptiPac-3 is now available with an option that emulates the HP9144 tape drive. Use the OptiPac-3 to backup data as an image copy or file-by-file using your HP computer’s 9144 and 9145 backup utilities. Model 8601LT and 8601LX emulate the HP9144/HP9145 and the 8611LX emulates HP 7908/7911/7912/7914/7942A/7946A hard disk systems with tape cartridge.

The OptiPac-3 MO drives make the best choice for HP users needing a removable, near-line and long archival storage solution. They can replace vintage HP7907, HP7906, HP79xx, and HP9153 storage systems. The OptiPac-3 MO models are available as a single or dual MO drive(s) and combination MO plus a hard disk. Use the hard disk as the system disk and the MO drive for copying data. Bering supports them on HP 9000 and HP 1000 systems with HP-IB or MAC interfaces.

Models Description Interface Protocol  


Don't forget to order a HP-IB cable, rackmount kit, additional disk media cartridge(s) or cleaning kit(s) from the following Accessories list.
It is recommended to clean the lens (head) every 3 months and the disk media every 300 hours of operation.

Accessories Description  


Specifications 1 Magneto-Optical Fixed Hard Disk Removable Hard Disk
Formatted Capacity (MB) 2 1240(Max) 1240 24 x 1240 MB/Ring
Minimum Seek Time (ms)   3.5 3.5
Average Seek Time (ms) 23 10.5 10
Rotational Speed (RPM) 3214 4500 7200
Maximum HP-IB Speed (MB/sec) 1.0
Drive MTBF (POH) 120,000 250,000
Power Requirements:
Line voltage (volts) 90-260
Line Frequency (Hz) 47-440
Maximum Current (Amp) 1.1
Rackmount HP Standard Rack or EIA/RETMA 19" Standard
Unit Dimensions 3"x12.8"x14" (76mm x 325mm x 355mm)
Net Weight Up to 23 lbs. (11kg)
1 All information is subject to change without notice.
2 Minimum formatted capacity at 1024 bytes per sector. Capacity is limited to multiple 10MB volumes on HP7906 emulation with higher capacity volumes when emulating other disk drives.
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