Hard Disk Storage Solutions for Vintage HP computers with HP-IB or MAC Interfaces


Key Facts:

Interface(s) HP-IB
O/S Support HP-UX
HP Disk Equivalent(s) HP9153, HP9133/9134, HP79xx
Extras 8702 Certified HP 9153 Replacement
LCD Controls and Disk Utilities

EconoPac hard disk solutions are for primary and peripheral storage on HP 9000 and HP 1000 systems with HP-IB interface. The easy-to-install storage units have capacities from 200MB up to 4.0GB. If you only need a hard disk then choose from the 89xx series. If you need a hard disk and a floppy disk drive then you should select from the 87xx series. (The 8702 model has been tested and certified by HP as a replacement for their HP9153 disk drive but it's okay to use a higher capacity 87xx model if you want a larger hard disk.)

Models Description Interface Protocol  

Don't forget to order a HP-IB cable or rackmount kit from the following Accessories list.

Accessories Description  


Specifications 1 Floppy Fixed Hard Disk
Formatted Capacity (MB) 2 1.44 200 500 2000 4000
Minimum Seek Time (ms) 18 3.5
Average Seek Time (ms) 94 10.5
Rotational Speed (RPM) 300 5400 7200
Maximum HP-IB Speed (MB/sec) 1.0
Drive MTBF (POH) 10,000 500,000
Power Requirements:
Line voltage (volts) 90-260
Line Frequency (Hz) 47-440
Maximum Current (Amp) 1.1
Rackmount HP Standard Rack or EIA/RETMA 19" Standard
Unit Dimensions 3"x12.8"x14" (76mm x 325mm x 355mm)
Net Weight Up to 23 lbs. (11kg)
1 All information is subject to change without notice.
2 Minimum formatted capacity at 1024 bytes per sector.
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