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Bering’s Retrofit Storage Solutions For Vintage Hewlett-Packard 9000 and 1000 Computers

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Retrofit and Vintage Definitions:

1) Retrofit v. The prefix retro derives from Latin and means backward or behind. The suffix fit is a verb that means to equip. When retrofit is applied to legacy HP computers it implies to go backwards and equip them in order to keep going forward.
2) Vintage n. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and endurance—Classic like a fine wine with staying power and a good nose. It would be a difficult choice between a 61’ Petrus and an HP1000 but generally the 1000 is better at processing data.

Those two words sum up Bering's expertise. We retrofit vintage HP 1000 and HP 9000 computer systems by adding new, HP-compatible mass storage subsystems.

Don’t laugh. There are many "hand-me-down" HP computers still in operation today, many still serving essential functions in the workplace. The problem for most of these computers is the mass storage unit they rely on. Over time, these storage units become less reliable, need constant and costly maintenance, or simply turn into a heap of smoking power supplies, melted cables, and screeching disk drives—in other words, non-functional and worthless. Bering has something new for these old systems.

HP-IB and MAC Interfaces

Vintage HP 9000 and HP 1000 computers have a HP-IB or MAC (Multi-Access Controller) disk interface. These are HP proprietary interfaces that evolved from the company's instrumentation business. If you have a vintage HP system with one of these interfaces there is good news and bad news. First the bad news—HP does not manufacture new disk drives supporting these interfaces and does not provide support. Don't panic there's good news—Bering does. Yes, Bering has solutions to replace these discontinued and outdated HP computer storage systems including the following:

HP 9133D/H/L, HP 9134D/H/L
HP 9153B/C
HP 7906A-M
HP 7907A
HP 7912/7914
HP 7920A-S, HP 7925A-S
HP 793xA
HP 9144/5 (Linus Format)

"Drop-In" Replacements

Bering provides reliable "drop-in" replacement storage subsystems that do not require the painstaking "regen" of operating systems or the addition of software drivers. Now it is possible to replace a HP 9153C, HP 7906, or HP 7907 disk drive with a new and reliable storage subsystem that has higher capacity and is faster in performance. There are no special driver utilities or additional software required making system installation quick and easy.

Retrofit Benefits

Adding a Bering retrofit solution to your vintage HP system gives it a new lease on its computing life. They save on costly repairs, eliminate operational "down", and improve your HP system's performance and reliability.

Now that you know, click on the Product Selection Guide to help you through the process or go direct to the following Retrofit Products for information.

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